Friday is weight day…

And…dun dun dun…..

I lost, wait for it….. one….. yes ONE whole pound lol.

Actually its quite a bit better than that, I was 4 lbs heavier on Monday morning than I was Friday past due to my pork binge, so in essence I have lost 5 pounds in a week, not one….

Oh leave me alone, let me have my self delusions of victory would you….

Nah, quite happy with that, any movement down is a movement in the right direction!

So, that’s 32 pounds now since June 27th.  Two more pounds and I break the rather large psychological barrier of 250 lbs…. for me anyway.  249 is a great number for me, it means I am closer to my goal than I am to my heaviest weight, it also just sounds better.  Kind of like Wal-mart pricing, 249 sounds healthier than 250 lol

Speaking of Wal-Mart.  Was there this afternoon with the family doing some shopping.  Supper time rolled around and the kiddos were wanting some McDonalds.  So I took them over to the golden arches for a couple of nugget happy meals.  Myself, I had a black coffee…. but I gotta say, it’s the first time since I started this that I actually CRAVED that shit.  I was literally drooling and felt stupid for it.  BUT….  big but too….  I didn’t so much as sample a fry!!!  Happy about that…  had some rice cakes and a banana in the car afterwords….  all about better choices!

Going to do a 5+ k bike ride in the morning, longest ride on bike since I got it earlier this week, I expect misery followed by elation and satisfaction…

Speaking of satisfaction….

I am now nineteen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 19, 346 to go!!


Th-Th-Th-Th-Th-… That’s all, folks.

And with a final oink, the last of the Birthday Weekend Pork fiesta has left the building, I weigh exactly what I did on Friday today, that’s a gain, and loss, of 4 lbs in 4 days lol….  yesh…

Now please god back to normal trends…

Said it last night, say it again, digging the bike.  Adjusted the seat on it tonight and it was a little better.  Still need to put air in tires, grease the chain and such.  Looking forward to a good ride on it this weekend, see if I kill it or it kills me lol

Just cracked the 200k mark for my monthly 150k challenge.  That’s up from July, and I hope that Sept. will be up form August.  We are getting closer to my scary time now, winter is coming….  and I need to be in the right frame of mind entering into it.

I am now seventeen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 17, 348 to go!!

I want to ride my bicycle….

I want to ride my bike,
I want to ride my bicycle,
I want to ride it where I like.
[Lyrics from “Bicycle Race” by Queen]

Well now….  had a bike dropped off to me today ( Thanks Deanne so very much ).  The seat needs to be adjusted and the tires need a little air but it’s a sweet little ride.  I went for a quick jaunt, about 1 k from my house, uphill a little to start, slow and steady rise.  I was kicking it, feeling a burn in my thighs,  getting a burn in my chest even, was thinking, as the bike seat rudely introduced itself to my nether regions, that perhaps I had erred, that biking, perhaps, was not a wise choice for me…..

Then I turned around, dropped it into 12th gear, got three or for good pedal pumps in and let it cruise the rest of the way….

Man, all the old feelings, getting out of school on a fine fall day, rocketing out my front door and onto my bike on a cool August afternoon in 1980, speeding down over the hill on my prized silver 10 speed bought from a summers paper route, handle bars turned brazenly upside down, the wind in my face, the sound of the tires on the pavement….

Smiled a lot this afternoon I did, and decided that yes….  biking is for me…. cause for all the work the uphills are…. the downhills make it all worthwhile…

There’s a life analogy in there somewhere I think….

No walk today, day off from walking, can I get an amen brother?

Did that little bike jaunt, did 15 on the stationary and deemed it good and good….

Porky is almost gone, one more pound will do it and I will be back to where I was on Friday…  if I can finish out this week at the same weight I started, I will be happy lol.

I am now sixteen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 16, 349 to go!!

Porkys Revenge


Well I spoke about it last night, and sure enough, it came to be this morning.  Stepped on the scales at 5:00 am this morning prior to getting a shower and going to work and BAM, 256 lbs…  yup, that’s a whopping 4 lbs more than I weighed Friday morning.  I knew it was coming, I thought I prepared for it by upping the walking and hiking etc but nope, that pork in the form of yummy bacon and even yummier ham proved too much for my resolve lol.   It’s mostly a sodium bombing on the system, I expect it will correct itself in due course.  I might have lost a week of progress or so, but I’ll live with that.

When I got home from work I was actually back down about a pound and a half.

Should be an interesting weigh in this Friday.

How did I do other than that this past week?  Here’s my Loseit Report….


So not so bad for the rest of the week, but holy crap look at that sodium count would you!!!  That’s a full 10,000 more mg than my previous highest amount.

Well that’s done now.

Off for a walk in the heat…

I am now fifteen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 15, 350 to go!!







Oh the pork and the damage done….

Not sure how this is gonna pan out lol…

Had a little bacon fest yesterday with the ol’ caeser salad and bacon wrapped steaks, today it was baked ham on the menu at the in-laws.  Tried to keep the portions in line, and did a fair job of that, but man the salt, I was just rolling in it, and I have to admit, I was digging it lol.

Last year, I splurged on a carb fest, HUGE burgers and home fries and woke up the morning after a full 2.5 lbs up for the day.  This morning, a year later, I was a full one pound up for the day.  I tried to stay away from the carbs this time around.  My meal last night was meat and veg, tonight was a very small helping of potatoes, with meat and veg.  I am hoping this results in a little gain that will resolve itself as the sodium flushes from my system, we’ll know soon enough lol.

Did some major walking though, 10k this morning, another 5k this evening, along with a nice 7k yesterday morning, and the 500 foot straight up hike the wife and I did yesterday.  Hoping the long-term damage is not that bad, but heck, even if it is, it’s no biggie…. this isn’t a race, it’s a slow and steady over time while still living in a way that makes sense to you.

Now it’s back to clean eating and what makes sense for the long-term for me, next splurge meal will likely be Thanksgiving!!

Turkey lurkey



I am now fourteen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 14, 351 to go!!

Happy Birthday to me!

42 today, 10 lbs lighter than I was when I was 41, 10 lbs heavier than I was when I was 40 lol….

Been an amazing day, the kiddos are off to Grandmas for the weekend and the lovely wife and I are spending the day together.  Always nice.

I went for a nice brisk 7k hike this morning and this afternoon we hiked up a hill, 500 foot rise,to a look out.  The trail was muddy, full of hazards, roots, rocks, slippery slopes and most of all, was an absolute BLAST.  The view from the top was well worth the effort as well!  Here’s a couple of picture….

and one of the wife and I….

A beautiful way to waste away a day.

We had an amazing free meal as well.  Bacon wrapped filet mignon, caesar salad, sautéed mushrooms and onions followed by a big ol’ serving of ice cream!

A fine B-day feast, and the bonus, the exercise I did made it not that bad a day calorie wise!!

I am now thirteen days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 13, 352 to go!!

Nother quickie

Very quick post.

Friday weigh in sees me at 252, that’s 31 lbs gone since start on June 27th.

This is my birthday weekend so I expect calories to be increased a bit, kids are gone and the wife and I are spending quality time, which includes a late night ham, cheese and pickle picnic whilst watching Dr. Who.  Should be fine though, loads of walking and such planned and while the calories will be bumped, it will still be below my daily max and will be of the not so bad variety…. no booze or takeout for this birthday boy!!

Speaking of…

I am now twelve days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 12, 353 to go!!

Had my first real challenge today, sat in McDonalds and sipped a coffee while the family ate, wife o mine had a salad though, which is awesome!