Danger danger danger

This is the time last year when it began to fall off the wheels for me.

I am aware of it and am taking precautions….

Still, little nervous heading into the winter, it’s one thing to know what needs to be done in the short days and long night, it’s another to do it.

Step one towards maintaining focus is to remove distraction….  I am NOT renewing my WoW account over the winter.  It’s hard enough to be motivated to get out and move my butt when it’s dark, snowing and 20 below out there, it would be so much WORSE if I have the added distraction of sitting down in front of my computer for an hour or so and zoning out.

Step two is to plan ahead for certain things looming on the horizon.  My week away for work training, the long days and grind that is inventory.  Have meals ready, stay away from the donuts, etc that inevitably appear at these times.  Have a bag of healthy goodies within reach, apples, oranges etc to make life a little easier…

Step three is to ask for fitness related stuff for Christmas lol…. snow shoes are the top of my list.

There will be more, but it’s comforting to know a game plan is forming….

I am now FORTY-NINE days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 49 316 to go!!


Stupid fat fella….

So, first….  gratz to the members of the Bay Runners, the local running group who had a bunch of peeps in the annual Diamond Dash, a 5k run here in my small town. I heard it was an amazing turnout as well beyond just the members of the bay runners.  It’s exciting to me at this stage of my life to live in a town with such a focus and excitement about healthy living.  Good on you all….

I SHOULD have went….

More on that in a bit…

Beautiful late September day in this neck of the woods.  Temps were mid teens, sunny blue sky, little to no wind.  It was a great morning for a bike ride so I did about 14k or so, along with a little side trip to hit a trail I remember racing down in my childhood as I was on my way yo our local swimming hole.  It brought back a flood of memories for me, how we would race down this narrow woody trail, and how one little dip in the middle of the trail would make your belly feel like it was on a roller coaster….  good news….  it STILL does lol.

So, all day I was in a bot of a funk.  I was feeling that I should have attempted to 5k.  I figured if I ended up walking it, no biggie, the point would be that I tried it.  A number of factors contributed to my not going, some were legit, but the big one was the voice of that stupid old fat fella convincing me that I would look stupid, that I couldn’t do it, that I would make a fool of myself yada yada yada…. and piss me off, I LISTENED TO IT!!!

I went for a walk tonight with a plan to shut that fat fella up and to pay him back for convincing me NOT to try.  I got to a predetermined point on the walk and I started jogging.  I keep jogging, and as I was I heard him inside saying stuff like you can stop now, what are you trying to do, blow your knees?  Why are you still running?  Trying to give your self a heart attack????  I kept jogging and a funny thing happened, the voice faded, lower and lower and after a while it went away, there was nothing but the sound of my breathing, heavy but not ragged or laboured, my feet hitting the ground, impacts but not slaps, the wind and the traffic competing over the music in my earbuds….

Then, again at a predetermined spot I stopped jogging and started smiling and yes, fist pumping just a little….

There you go fat fella with all your doubts and all your fears, there you go with your plots to get me to stop, to get me to sink back into the chair and bring you back to life…. there you go fat fella….  I just ran you into the friggin ground with a NON-STOP 5K RUN WHEN YOU SAID I COULDN’T NOW SHUT THE HELL UP AND BE GONE!

5 fracking kilometers……  no stops…..

Eat that….

I am now FORTY-EIGHT days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 48 317 to go!!

Friday Fat Tally!

Yay Friday, albeit a sucky one, no water here at my house and it’s getting desperate lol.

None-the-less it’s that time of the week, Friday Fat Tally!!

And this week is a re-run, the exact same as last week, which is wonderful news all the way around, here’s the nitty-gritty!

 That’s not too bad at all.  Been a great week, exercise been awesome, got some good runs in.  I’ll take that number every time.  What’s getting clearer to me is that I can not only do this thing now, but I also feel I can keep it off.  I’m sure I have always had a similar mindset the other times I have traveled this road, but I can’t ever remember having such confidence and assurance as I do now.  Let’s hope it’s the real deal.

So hey, Friday is treat night!  Here’s how my supper went down….

Yay for CHEESEBURGERS!!!! lol

Big bike ride in the morning, was thinking about a run, there’s an organized race here in G-town tomorrow, but I am not quite there yet….

I am now FORTY-SEVEN days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 47 318 to go!!


The running man….

That’s what I am lol

Great jog again tonight, busted out an about 3km stretch by my reckoning, and about 5k total jogging, culminating in a wee sprint up a goodish sized hill before my house.

A note on my jogging….  if more like shufflin’ I figure….  I need someone to video me jogging cause truth be told I don’t think I am going much faster than when I am walking, I dunno.  While the movement doesn’t feel as awkward to me as it did, nor as jolting, I still feel a little out of my element and more than a little self conscious about how I look running.

The fat man in me still shouts in my head that I look stupid and pleads for me to stop running when a car comes lest I hear a Nelson like HA-HA come from an open window….  Silly huh?? Well silly it may be, but these are the thoughts that go through my mind.  The good thing is the fat man is whispering less and less and the doubts are evaporating a little.  I also have a healthy dose of rage that keep me focused….

What???  Rage??

Well yes, rage, anger, fury, passion call it what you will but I remain extremely PISSED at myself for letting it get to a point where I was nearing 300 and having difficulty getting around and I won’t let it ever happen again.  I hold on to that fury like a precious thing, I coddle it, nourish it and save it for when I start to doubt, or for when I start to think it might be ok to skip  a workout, or have a donut, or order out, or sneak through a drive through or any number of the bad habits that allowed me to slip.  I use it at those times and it all goes away…

I hope that some day the rage will fade and it will be replaced by assurance and confidence that I will remain committed and NOT repeat the mistakes of the past….

Oh hey…  not all hell fire and brimstone though!!

Tonight I am under 240 lbs….!

Official weigh in results are tomorrow…. stay tooned…. err….. sorry…. TUNED…. damn Nelson…

I am now FORTY-SIX days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 46 319 to go!!

Night off…

It turned into a night off for my body this evening.  I had intended a bike ride or a walk, no jogging please, but I had forgotten, momentary insanity plead, that there were parent/teacher meetings at the school this evening…

So, I stayed home and hung out with my two best buddies, dork number one and dork number two while my wonderful wife, dork number three, sallied off to the school for the meeting.

I likely could use the night off anyway…  I spoke of it before, but I’ll repeat again, this time around I just cannot afford any kind of an injury or anything that will set me back on this road I am on.

So, here’s something new, I am seeing it.  I mean REALLY seeing it.

I was KINDA seeing it all along, I guess I would have to, losing 10, 20, 30 and 40 lbs you would HAVE to notice it.  So yeah, I noticed it, but I wasn’t SEEING it.  This morning, at approx 5:15 am, in the reflection of my shirtless body in our living room window…. I SAW it….  I had a double take, who the fuck is that guy in the window moment.  It was jarring enough that I went into the bathroom for a closer look in the mirror.  Sideways, I look like half the man I was…. and I SEE that now.  In my face, I’m not puffy eyed, swollen cheeked or tired looking, I am SEEING my cheekbones, I am SEEING my jaw line…. I put on my work pants yesterday and my belt is loose, in the last hole loose….  I SEE that now.  I ran 4k last night and I woke up this morning NOT too sore to walk, NOT favoring my feet, NOT with a bad back and I SEE that now….

I can also SEE the future….  kind of….

I see a man at 180 lbs crossing the finish line at the Tely10 next July, I see my arms in the air, the smile on my face…  what I can’t see is what that guy, that future me, will look like, I cannot wrap my head around what Cory Babstock, the 42 year old 10 mile running ATHLETE ( giggle….. yes I giggled at that) will look like….

Going to be interesting to see….  I can tell you one things….  he ain’t gonna look like THIS….














I am now FORTY-FIVE days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 45 320 to go!!


Or however the hell that Rocky theme goes….

Was amazed tonight when I went for my walk.  I did about 4k or so when it was getting kind of dark and I decided to turn back and come on home.  I took a couple of steps towards home and had the thought, hey self, I bet you could jog a fair distance tonight, it’s nice and cool out and just a beautiful sunset.  SO I decided I would try running to my Aunts house, which was about a half k, so that came and went.  I decided to try my other Aunts house, about a kilometer away…. made it….  stopped jogging, started walking and kinda went, Hey man, why did you stop?…   and started again.  Well, when I arrived at my doorstep, a sweating quivering mass, I was thrilled to discover I had jogged about 4 k, with a couple of about 1 min walks, a portion of which was up a way steep hill. I was beat, but I was also thrilled….   booyah…. not bad for a 42 year old fat guy with wobbly bits!!

I am pleased!

I know this pic with the beard keeps popping up in my blogs, but it’s me at my worst I think, well, me at my recent worst anyway…  but check this out…

Can’t imagine what that face will look like with another 60lbs off of this body….

I am now FORTY-FOUR days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 44 321 to go!!

Loseit Shtuff II

So I had no real plans to post another blog entry, but I was poking around Loseit and came across a couple of pretty cool things…  First, there’s my exercise over the past three months, essentially since I started this whole thing again…. check this out…

Walking is the winner by a landslide, but I can see biking giving it a serious run for the money over the coming months.   Pretty pleased with the way I have been burning up calories here.  It’s a sad statement on the condition of my lawn however that I have only mowed it 3 times in 3 months lol.

To put the walking stats into perspective.  I walked enough to burn 82 Big Macs!!!  Crazy!

Now that I am done patting myself on the back, here’s were Loseit gave me a sobering message…. here’s my BMI chart….

While I am no longer considered SEVERELY obese I am still Obese at at high risk.  What’s more, I will need to lose about 35 more lbs just to be considered overweight!!  For my BMI to be what is considered “normal” even my goal weight of 180 lsb will no be enough, I will need to be 175 lbs to get to that point.  Not sure if I agree with those numbers, but it gives me something to work towards.  I have a feeling though at 180 I’ll be more than just fine!

Food for thought…..