What an amazing night, beautiful bright moon, cool breeze…. perfection…..

I was going to take the night off, but I just couldn’t do it.  Glad I didn’t too.  Had a wonderful 8k walk and put myself over 200k for the month.

Anyone interested can join me in my November 150k Challenge by clicking the image below…

It’s a pretty supportive group and it’s nice to be with a bunch of people all striving for the same goal, kicks in the butts supplied as needed….

Haven’t a heck of a lot to say this evening, slow night.  I am starting to think that last nights post was premature.  I woke of this morning one pound off what I was on Friday, so I have 4 days to get back to where I was, certainly doable…

Oh, one thing…. people in THIS town need to realize that high beams on your headlights are every bit as distracting, blinding and disorienting to a person walking as a person driving.  I wear a reflective vest so you can see me from a distance, I do this to protect myself as well as you, the driver, as I do my nightly stroll.  All I ask is for the same courtesy from you, flick your beams when you see me, or any walker, it’s the decent thing to do.

I am now Eighty days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 80 285 to go!!


gonna be my first upweek

Yes I know, there’s almost a full week between now and weigh in…. but not feeling it at all.  Had subway, a restaurant breakfest ( not fast food though, whew), some assorted treats, almonds, a small ice cream….  not a lot…. but enough to seed the doubts….

Also… have me a raging headache…. not helping my positive vibs…….

This is though…..

annnnnnnnnd…..  last night at the hotel…

Run Forrest Run….

Here’s my Loseit summery for the week….

Not a bad week, BIG weight loss…

That’s it for now, need a walk, sleep and back to work in the morning!

I am now Seventy-Nine days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 79 286 to go!!



Freedom 55







For anyone keeping score, that’s a loss of 4.5lbs this week….

Before anyone gets too excited… I likely put a chunk of that back on this evening at my oldest son’s birthday party…

Had potato salad, roast beef, coleslaw, macaroni salad, two hotdogs, 6 little oatmeal raisin cookies and not one shred of guilt… it was a wonderful, fun evening with my 9 year old ( how the HELL did that happen ) and 23 of his closest hyper, sugar driven, 8-9 year old bundles of holy crap how do they have all that energy friends… lol…

Big run in the morning, and squeaky clean eats for the rest of the week…

That said, I am curious to get on the scales in the morning and see what an evening of reckless abandon presents itself on the scales….

For the cute factor, here are my two ruffians….

Love ’em I do…

I am now Seventy-Six days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 76 289 to go!!

Some weather

Tonight was a brutal night, or is to be exact, the wind and the rain is insane, insane enough to make this guy work out in the great IN-of-doors!

Stationary bike it was!

Spent 45 minutes on the thing, doing 5 minute intervals of increasing tension up till the 30 minute mark when I scaled back down in 5 minute intervals…  watched Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter while on there, if the movie was better I would have logged longer lol.

Didn’t get much of a sweat going but man, my thighs… the other observation is how much easier it was compared to my last little journey on it, looking back on my loseit profile I see that it was back in the first week of Sept I last rode.  Almost 2 months and I feel like a different person…. wait now….  I AM a different person…

That guy weighed 252 lbs and couldn’t run any more than a half k…

That guy was still trying to figure out if he was on the right track…

That guy still had doubts about running a 5k, let alone a 10 mile road race….

THIS guy is now 229 lbs….

THIS guy KNOWS he is on the right track….

THIS guy can run a 5k

THIS guy KNOWS he will run a 10 mile road race….

I like this guy….

Last night there was no blog, no exercise, no anything besides bed.  About half way through my work day I was overcome with gastric issues…. was nasty for a while and left me feeling cored out by the time I got home.  There was little to do beyond shower, crawl into bed and sleeeeeeeeeeeeeep…

So I did…

My boy’s birthday party is tomorrow night…  a halloween costume affair… should be fun.

His little brother has already gotten into the act…

His girlfriend will love that pic when he is a teen lol….

This weekend I leave for that week long trip I was speaking about a couple of times in the past.  A week on the road, in a hotel, with temptations everywhere….

A while ago I as nervous….  now…. well…. now….

Bring it….

I am now Seventy-Five days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 75 290 to go!!

A decade

That’s what it’s been since I have been this small…

A decade….

I was as heavy as 320…. as small as 230…. but never smaller….

Tonight, the scales tipped to the 220’s…. it was 229, but it wasn’t 230….

That’s a whopping 54 lbs since I started on June 27th…. that’s an average of 1/2 lbs a day…. that’s crazy…  and it convinces me I am on the right track.

And here’s the kicker…. it wasn’t hard… seriously, it wasn’t….  if you go to loseit and look at the foods I have been eating… it wasn’t hard…  I didn’t suffer from lack of variety, of things to satiate my sweet tooth, to placate my carb cravings, to dull my fat yearnings… here…. don’t take my word for it, look at my top foods…

See, not all rabbit food or anything exotic… you CAN eat the foods you love, beef, pork, chicken, cheese, breads….  you CAN eat it and lose…. you need to control the portions and the timing, but there’s NOTHING you can’t eat.  There’s a lot of stuff you SHOULDN’T eat…  like fast food…

I think a HUGE factor for me in losing this weight, has been my promise to cut fast food from my life.  I don’t miss it and I have a feeling I might have added a couple of years to my life just walking away from it.

I am also now more than halfway to my goal.  A lot of people, myself included, are having a rough time visualizing me at 180 lbs, I have had it asked, and I have also asked myself, if this was a realistic goal and I remain somewhere skeptical, but a little more convinced now that I was when I started out on this journey….

Oh, one nice thing…. got me a new badge from Loseit…

I like badges I do! lol

So, 3 second pat on the back and it’s hard at work making it real tomorrow…

Oh, I celebrated my milestone by walking 8k and not rushing it lol

I am now Seventy-Three days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 73 292 to go!!