Loseit Shtuff!

A distressing lack of calories from exercise marks this weeks summary, also a woeful amount of calories on Sunday the 25th, the day we ended inventory.  I basically ate one whole meal and slept all night….


Inventory was hard, long, stressful and challenging.  There was pizza, treats, chips and bars.  I mainly steered clear of it all glad to say, bought healthy alternatives and supplied myself.  I was pleased to see that work provided a nice veggie tray and oranges throughout the thing as well.  Glad to see them take a step towards a healthier experience!

I haven’t been walking lately, let alone running and meeting the 150k challenge this month is going to be just that, a challenge…. but I remain hopeful, just 20 more to go before Friday.

I am hoping with inventory in the rear view mirror and the building season winding down for the holidays work won’t be as hectic and I will be able to resume my running in the very near future.  The small foot issue I was having has resolved itself nicely it seems so it’s time for a wee ease back.

A friend of mine, an amazing photographer and an inspiration, she herself ran the race I am running this year this past year for the first time, has offered to so a transformation photo shoot with me when I hit my goal of losing 100 pounds.  I am looking for cool transformation ideas for pictures…. any suggestions would be most welcome!

Looks to be an ok week for weight lose as well…. Friday should be interesting.

I am now Ninety-Five days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 95 257 to go!!



Very quick post….

As advertised, my work trial from hell continues…

Long hours, long busy hours, little sleep, all bad enough to make a person break.

Not this fella though!  Eats have been decent, walks have been spread out more, but every second night is a 10k or so.  We’ll see if this can continue, but I am truly feeling the strain now and there’s miles to go.

Christmas has never looked so good!

Weigh in tomorrow and I have NO clue what it will bring!

I am now Ninety-One days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 91 262 to go!!

Flip flap….

Kind of having a blah day in some ways, an amazing days in others.  Let’s deal with the amazing first….

It was a stunningly beautiful day here today, the kind of day that you seldom get in  November in these parts, blue sky, cool breeze, crisp air… just too good for sitting, made for moving, so move I did!

I did a very nice and different 14k hike through some dirt roads into cabin country and back around on the old rail beds.  Saw a moose, heard a lot of birds, saw a few and also saw a fox.  The scenery was pretty soothing, rolling hills, lots of tree’s, lakes and ponds.  It was just a very fine day to be outside, very fine indeed!  I hope to explore more options for hiking over the winter as well.  That being said, I start a 20-21 day work marathon tomorrow, not sure where I will be fitting longer hikes into the madness, but will have to do my best.  I would still like to be around 220 for Christmas, and moving my ass is going to be a huge part of making it happen.

So, the blah…

I have lost a ton of weight…. almost 60 lbs since June, over a hundred from my heaviest point.

Please, don’t get me wrong.  I love that I have lost this weight.  It has given me a new lease on life.

However, the skin…

The loose, flapping, hanging, bunching, sagging skin….

I HATE the skin….

I am hopeful it will snap back.  But I’m a realist as well.  I am 42 years old, I have been up and down in extremes of weight at least 4 times in the last decade.  My skin, at some point, is just going to say screw you, what you see is what you get.  I fear that that time is now…

I have wings on my arms, I have wattles on my belly, I have a dewlap on my neck…

None of these things amuse me….

Any hints would be appreciated…

I am now Eighty-Seven days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 87 266 to go!!

Saturday outing

Had a GREAT 10k plus hike today in the rain and the snow…

Was nice to get out and about…

Here’s a couple of pics from the lookouts I stopped at….

Looking forward to tomorrow and getting out for another one before I get nailed with my upcoming 20 days straight at work marathon….

Yes… 20…. straight….. days…

The overtime is nice for Christmas though!

I am now Eighty-Six days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 86 267 to go!!

Friday Fat Tally

Holy crap, has it REALLY been three days since I have blogged???


SO ok, here’s the deal…

Weather…. horrible…

Work….. crushing…..

Feet…. nagging….


Well…. DROPPING…..

Nothing is stopping this train sunshine…. rain, meh, work, double meh, feet…. well, harder to meh about them, but hey…. I can still eat pretty well, can still move my butt as best I can, and it turns out, I can still drop the weight…

This weeks tally???

Down 1.7 lbs…

I now weigh 225.3 lbs….

I was around 285 in June….

I’ll take that all day long.

I am hoping that once the weight gets down a little more and the work madness is complete I can start my Tely 10 running training in earnest.  Until then just gotta keep on keeping on….

I am now Eighty-Five days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge

 Day 85 268 to go!!