Its been a long hurtful Christmas.  Gained 5 lbs… no biggie… but am laid low by one of the worst doses of the cold or flu I have ever had. Fever… fluid on the lungs… headache… sinuses… you name it and I had it.  Starting to get over it now but still not even come to 100%.

I’ll be back later with more.  Just had to let people know I was alive!


163.8lbs Later

I love the list of 100 benefits…. and wow, half the person she was, nope, TWICE the person she was is what I think!

Brooke: Not On A Diet!

Brooke: Not On A Diet: 100 Things I Can Do Since Losing Half Myself!

In case you missed it, on Wednesday I weighed in at 163.6lbs. This means that I have lost a little over half of my original weight. I have lost myself in weight, which is completely and utterly surreal to me still. Two of me equals the old me. I have lost a human being in weight!

Holy freaking shit.

I was 164 at my Weight Watchers meeting, so I was .2 from making it WW official, but that doesn’t matter. Since I weighed in at 164, that it the top of my healthy weight range, which means I can apply to be a WW receptionist!! My dream of becoming a Weight Watchers employee can finally happen.

Umm..holy freaking shit. 😉

I thought that since this is such a HUGE milestone in my weight loss journey, that I would do a fun post. I’m going to share a list of…

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So another couple of early morning runs in this week and I am loving it!

I managed a nice run in the snow a couple of days ago, I took some pics of what the trail looked like when I was on it…. but my phone kinda crapped out in the cold. Oh well, word on the street is that Santa might have a new phone in his bag for me this X-mas!

Speaking of X-mas…  here’s something I wouldn’t have subjected Santa to last year….

Heh….  me and my boys on Santas lap at the annual kids party at work.

Just another week to get through and then 2013 will be upon us.  My running training will become a little more serious as I bear down and make sure I am in the best shape possible for the 10 mile Tely10 in July!!  VERY VERY excited about it…

Also pretty excited about hitting 183 and doing my 100 pound down photo shoot with a friend of mine.  Just 40 more to go!!  2013 is gonna be GREAT!!

That’s all I have for now!

I am now 118 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 118 247 to go!!

Winter WTF

Man, I can’t get myself into a blogging frame of mind….

Thankfully I have been still dedicated on my loseit posts…

More importantly, I have continued to stay off the junk…

I had lost the 2 pounds I gained on my road trip BUT when I stepped on the scales Friday past, blah, I was up a pound, so 223….  not bad, not great….  if I can get out of December at 225 I’ll be ok…  the goal is to get out of December at 220 though!

Here’s a new before and after, though the pic, well both really, are ones I have posted before, the side by side excites even me lol…

befaft4Yup….  I can live with this….

I am now 115 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 115 250 to go!!

Early morning goodness

Another early morning jaunt and I am loving it.

The late night home from work, not so much lol

Meh, it really wasn’t that bad.  The drive home got a little long, but beyond that my first foray into evening working, well, worked out just fine.  I am working another evening today, hence the early morning jaunt.

No jog today, while the initial run was excellent yesterday, my quads were certainly feeling it today.  So I instead did a very brisk 5k around the trail.  Funny how much colder it is when you aren’t sweating as much lol.

Weight is a mystery…. will weigh tonight when I get home from work or tomorrow morning.  I did get on the scales this morning but a nonsensical number glared back at me.  I’ll need a little while to process and get back on lol.

Meh, it wasn’t bad, just showed that I still had the 2 pounds I gained on the road on, though I pretty much had dropped them earlier this week.  It might be the change is schedule wrecking havoc on the ol’ metabolism, who knows…

Anyhoo…. off to work….


Early morning 5k

So as I have indicated in past posts, I have started a new position in the company. With this new position comes some funky shifts.  I have been, for the past two years, a 6 am to 3:30+ Monday to Friday kind of guy.  Now my early shift starts at 8:00, a later shift, twice a week, starts at 12:30 through to 9:30 pm.  That’s the shift I have today and while I have not yet worked the evening, I have to say, I like the morning.  It allowed me to get up early this morning, while technically still sleeping in.  I got up at 6:30 am, as opposed to 4:50 am, and did a 5k run around the pond here locally…

Check this 7:00 am view out….

It was an amazing run.  More so, it was my first jog in way way too long.  I wasn’t sure at first how I would respond to it, but I am happy to report I did the full 5k without any issues.  I did stop once, to take the above pic, and continued on.  At the end of the run I kind of regret not paying better attention to my time, I was at 30:24.  If I had known, I would have pushed harder that last half k or so.  I have not yet done an under 30 on a 5k….  always next time!!

Eating is going just ok.  Still no drive throughs or fast food, but I am finding that I am hungrier and hungrier and I am tending to eat a little more between meals than I was.  I need to adjust this, or just get tougher with myself and the decisions I make.  I don’t know what it is about the winter that makes it harder for me to maintain control, but whatever it is, it’s a very real threat to me and my progress.  I acknowledge that there is an issue though, and I am determined to take the steps I need to take to improve.

Also, the same demon spawn that tempts me to eat, also seems to make me not want to blog as well.  These entries have become sporadic as of late, and that needs to change as well.  I know I was on the road for a week or so, but it was slipping prior to that.  This blog gives me accountability, and I also enjoy the back and forth chatter with you, my 2-3 readers lol.

Anyway, this run this morning is a good sign of things to come, I look forward to more of these early morning runs, as long as the weather permits.  When the snow flies, I look forward to discovering a new way of working out!  It’s all an adventure at this point!

I am now 112 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 112 2543 to go!!