In the spirit of keeping accountable with my training, which I have to say is more than a little shot in the darkish for me lol, I would welcome any good reading suggestions, I am going to post my splits on me ” training ” outings. This isn’t EVERY outing, but the ones where I am actually pushing for time or distance…

Here’s my baseline for 16.09 k, the distance of the Tely10 and my run this morning just looking to keep a pace of about 8 mins a klick over distance…



















It’s nice to have an idea of how far I have to go lol….




Tender Tootsies

A rest this evening….

Just did a quick tally, I have walked and jogged 46 and a half in the past 4 days and I am not ashamed to say I am feeling it.

So, a night of kicking back, listening to the kiddos bang on their home-made drums, laugh at the cats and relaxing.

Plan on a early morning 5k though if all works out as planned…. see if I can get more sustained sprints in.  I have been finding I am getting winded faster than I did in the summer.  Not sure if that is a result of the cold weather or just being so friggin’ out of shape.

Funny thing that, out of shape…. to be OUT of something the assumption is at some point you were IN something to be OUT of… lol…

Never was…. I was slimmer, I was muscle bound a wee bit…. but cardio shape…. nope, not this cookie…. no way…

We’re working on it though, we sure are…

On a side note, I have such a craving for sweet potatoes I swear…lol

Dry run

So I took a stroll today, a 16.09 klick stroll… which, strangely enough, is the exact distance of the Tely10 Road Race…


Not a chance….

I needed a baseline to work off of, a measuring stick so to speak, as I train for this thing,  Also, truth be told, I had NO concept of what 10 miles looked like, so, now I do….

I did NO running at all on this outing, here’s what it looked like over the span of 2.35 hours….





splitsjan2713 So all in all a pretty good indication of where I am now and where I need to be.  I at least proved I am capable of covering the distance, and funny enough in looking at the times for the race last year, if I shave 45 minutes off that time I’ll be right around the middle of the pack, which for me would just be amazing, unbelievable and just wow….

I will say this though… 10 miles is a lot further than I thought it was….





Here’s a pic of the scenery at the half way mark and of course, me….lol


That is all….



Overdue update

So, been a while….

There are two things that can happen to a person who stops blogging about weight loss, well, there may be a lot more than two, but in my mind there are two MAJOR things that could happen to a person blogging about weight loss.  These two things could lead to a lack of posts, or the cessation of all posting.

One, they fall off the wagon, they start packing it back on and can’t get back on track,  and they don’t want anyone to know how bad it has gotten.

Two, things have become routine, the good life is all they know, they are getting beyond the things that made them fat in the first place and they frankly have little to talk about beyond the usual day to day stuff…

Here’s a picture I took earlier today….  I’ll let you decide what’s happening to me…. one or two….









Things are going just fine….

I am now approx 220lbs, 110 lbs less than I was at my heaviest, 100lbs less than I was in the first picture.

I am running a 35 minute 5k 2 times a week, I am doing 10k walks on a regular basis.

I have energy, I have confidence and I have faith….

I am eating what I want, which happens to be the stuff that is good for me with a treat or two thrown in for good measure.

I am tracking and logging my food and exercise day in and day out.

I am being honest.

I am doing it….

I have 182 days to race time, I am excited and I am in the state of mind I need to be in to make sure I do this thing.

I’ll try to post more from time to time, but it would likely be more of the same.  If anyone out there is at all interested in what I am eating, what I am doing to move my ass, I can start logging that stuff here daily.

Sorry it’s been so long, but rest assured, this fella is in a gooooooooood good place…

I am now 155 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 155 210 to go!!

Small run

Was late home this evening and only got a small outing it… here’s how it played out….

runwalker3progressA small but quality outing, best pace yet, though still not where it needs to be.  The  cold I was struggling with over Christmas seems to have finally released it’s grip and I had little to no difficulty with my lungs, from a coughing standpoint at least.  The route I took tonight, as you can see from the graph, it a steady incline to about 1.5 k, then it’s turn around and down.  I tried a few sprints going up and will continue to do that.  I plan a longer outing tomorrow, if we aren’t buried in snow, which is a possibility.

I also found this gem….

320Mmmm 320 pounds of buttery goodness!!!


Better to come!







I am now 138 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 138 227 to go!!

Sunday night outing

What a beautiful January evening, cold as a witch’s ta-ta, but BEAUTIFUL.

Tried a little running tonight, but the lungs still haven’t fully recovered for much more than 2-3 minute jogs.  Here’s a chart showing my pace, you can see all the lovely spikes…

runwalker2I get a kick out of the elevation portion as well, easy to tell I do an out and back.  I know I’ve said this already as well, but I really dig this app.  It also gives you a break down on your week, tracks personal best etc.

Check this out….

runwalker2progressYup, really awesome…

One down point though, my knees were horrible…. hurt a lot… but passed, which is good.  Taking tomorrow off the ol’ walking routine tomorrow night, might try the stationary though just to keep butt moving!

I am now 135 days down on my Year of NO Fast Food Pledge.

 Day 135 230 to go!!