On the mend

Mostly…. I am stilling feeling the effects of a nasty little head cold, the worst kind of congestion in the world.  I felt well enough this evening to attempt a walk and enjoyed a very brisk 6k jaunt.  Running was 100% completely out of the question though, na ah, no way…

I did get to take the new ASICS out for a stroll though and they felt good.  A little binding at the toe bend for the first one or two kilometers but just fine after that.  As a matter of fact, towards the end of the walk I was really noticing how good my feet felt.  Looking forward to an actual run in them sometime this week.  The idea right now is to run a 10 mile on Good Friday.  This will depend on how much more cold like symptoms I have that morning.  Running produces enough snot and coughs as it is, let alone with the help of a virus…. eewwwww

I am hopeful that I will get a run in, if not the 10 mile, than at least a 10k…

So hey…. last night I posted about my weight loss.  I also posted it on my Facebook group and a member asked me if I had any measurements beyond weight from where I was, to where I am now…

Well howdy, I just so happen to have some from when I was about 310….

Row one, 310, Row two, 209, Row three…. the diff…

Chest – 55.5                 44                 (-11.5 inches)
Abdomen –56                39                (-17 inches)
Hips – 53                       39                (-14 inches)
Thigh – 32                     24                (-8 inches)
Calf – 18                        16.5             (-1.5 inch)
Bicep – 18                     13.5              ( –4.5 inch)

Total inches from key spots 56,5 lost, to put into perspective, that’s 4 feet 7 inches…

So, I have lost a complete human, early teens maybe, 4’7″ – 121 lbs…..


I did expect my waist to be smaller….  not that losing almost a foot and a half from your girth is chickenfeed…. lol…

I mentioned in another blog post that a good friend of mine was on his own weight loss journey and went public in a big way.  One of the way’s he is staying accountable is through a blog, here’s his post from today….

Diary of a Fat Guy

Boy can I relate to the cravings…. here, in it’s entirety, is a post I made about Food Addiction when I was at right around the same place he is now, just starting, feeling good, but starting to feel the old wants exert themselves….

So here’s the question, how does a guy get to 330 lbs in the first place?  Then how does that same guy lose 130 lbs and get down to 180lbs only to find himself close to 330 again?  Then how does that same guy get down to 240 only to find himself back to about 290 in less than 6 months?  How does that happen?  
It’s an addiction…..
I am addicted to food. As surely as a person can be addicted to anything I am addicted to food. I know, I am speaking from experience as a person addicted to nicotine. The reaction is exactly the same. Now many people who poo poo about the notion of food addiction, well, bully for you, it must be nice to have that luxury. I appreciate your point of view, I note it, and I know you are entitled to it. I don’t share the same views, we’ll leave it at that and move on shall we?
The difference, and it’s a huge one, is how addictions are treated. The ultimate goal for addictions is total abstinence from the substance, behavior or otherwise to which you are addicted. It can’t be that way with food. You HAVE to eat, you have to be exposed to your addiction on a daily basis, you have to be around it, watch other people consume it, watch endless commercials about it… it’s everywhere because it MUST be.
Can you imagine the success rate of an alcoholic who was told that you must consume 6 beers a day? Or a smoker who could never have any less than 6 smokes a day? Or a heroin addict who must shoot up everyday? Just to live? Just to exist?
Thats the dilemma that a food addict faces…
You have to adjust, wean back, substitute the bad for good, but the chemical reward, the rush of eating, the joy of chewing, the feeling of something sliding into your belly, all the old markers that released all those happy and content feelings, they are there ALL the time. And like any addiction, you get a taste, you get that rush and you want more and more.
It’s a real struggle, it’s hard to do, it’s the hardest thing in the world to reconcile. Also, like any addiction, the possibility of lapse is very real, only more so because of the things I discussed above.
I will do it, because I have to in order to live, I just want people to know that it’s not easy, it’s a war….
I hope you read this Mike and it helps you out a little, at least, to let you know you are not alone in this….
That’s all for this evening folks…. off for some much needed shut eye!

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