Where you been?

Around, I’ve been around… and doing pretty well thank you.

Hit a little snag with my running though, been suffering through some back issues. Still been able to walk no problem, but running, even short distances, has been a bit of a problem.  Hoping it rectifies itself soon.  I am doing this race even if I have to crawl it lol.  The back issue isn’t major, it’s just a nerve bundle thing happening under my left shoulder blade.  I used to get them a lot.

My eating is slipping.  Not badly, but enough, eating more than I should and allowing more stuff like icecream etc. to sneak it’s way in.  So far it hasn’t resulted in bad news, but it could, so I am trying very very hard to reign that back in.

One more week and we are all off on a family vacation.  Likely won’t get a chance for a big blog on that, but we’ll try…

Here’s some pictures from the last week, to show were I have been and what I have been doing.


Mmmm mmmmm losters

Also, got this AWESOME badge on Loseit today!


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