Very quick Juneathon post.  I have no internet due to a modem crash.  Had a great 8k run this evening finishing in 47 minutes.  I’ll take that.

It could have been better but I had to run soon after eating due to time constraints and suffered a horrible bout of belching about 3k in.  Meh….

Speaking of eating we had an awesome low sodium apple sausage bbqed for supper.  Along with sauted mushrooms and onions, grilled asparagus and grill sweet potato….. was delicious!!

Thats about it for now… big run coming on Sunday!


Juneathon and something else

So today was a distance day for the Juneathon, plus my Tely training.

Did a pretty easy 5k, under 35 minutes, easy pace and followed that up with a nice 9k consisting of fast walks and some 1/2k sprints.

Weather was amazing, warm and a nice breeze to keep the flies at bay.

It’s amazing to me that I do 14k now and it’s not even enough to wear me down.  I did that, came home, mowed the lawn, got my bike all oiled and the tired pumped in anticipation of a possible ride later this evening.


Oh, some other pretty good news.

I today weigh 204.5 lbs, just 4.5lbs to go to red me of that pesky 2 and the first digit in my 3 digit weight.  That’s nice too…

That’s about it, all is well, things are progressing and I’m satisfied with the progress…

What more is there?

56 days and counting

It’s just 56 days till the Tely 10…

I think the blog’s new name has been decided as well, for when I am no longer on the road to the Tely 10.  Not telling you though…




Juneathon is going to be a big help in motivating me as well.  There’s much to be said about accountability to your friends, and I find even more to be said about accountability to strangers… funny thing that…

I actually went for a very nice 5-6k stroll this evening that I likely wouldn’t have gone on if it weren’t for the Juneathon challenge. The part about moving every day.  You see, I was up this morning at the AWFUL hour of 4:45am and was at work, driving a forklift, at 5:30am.  I drove, lifted, walked, ran, swept, piled, stacked and stocked for over 9 hours without much of a break at all.  I was, frankly, pretty effing wiped by the time I got home.  I got up after supper though and took the walk…. glad I did…. look at this view…

Beauty night!

And also, speaking of supper….

Fresh corn, grilled sweet potato, asparagus and a 4-5 oz serving of sirloin…

Supper goodness….

That’s about it for now, up again at 4:45 tomorrow…. shoot me…

Shoot me now….

Less than two months

Well, it’s less than two months till my race.

Got some nervousness about it, but not as much as I would have thought.

I ran a 16k today as a test, didn’t push the envelope too hard, just wanted to get the distance in and ended up with a couple of interesting things.

Ran my fastest 1k with a 5m28sec

My fastest 5k with a 30min24secs

My fastest 10k with a time of 1hr4mins

My fastest 16k with a time of 1hr47mins

Best pace of a 5k of 6,09

Most calories burned with 1553

and a bunch of other crap that makes me go holy shit…

I think I might actually be ready to run this race…


My reasons


They tell me I’m ready, and they tell me they are proud…. that’s enough for me!