A short one

Long day, first back to work in over a week. I promised I would blog daily and blog I shall.

I am pleased to say my kid, G, has become my motivator. He’s an amazing kid with his own struggles but he has become my walking buddy, my talking buddy. I got home from work after a 12 hour shift, had supper and frankly didn’t want to go anywhere but bed. G asked me if he could go walking with me cause he loved it, how could I say no?

It was a short walk, a short talk, but I got out there and we enjoyed each other’s company. In the end, isn’t that what life is about, being around, healthy and able to enjoy our time?

It’s getting better.


The End of the Road

It’s done…


The road is at an end….

The goal has been reached and passed….

The Tely10 is done and I am moving on…

A new blog will appear very soon, but this endeavor is over…

Thanks for all your support and kind words, it’s mean alot and helped me through…

I leave you with this…



Less than two months

Well, it’s less than two months till my race.

Got some nervousness about it, but not as much as I would have thought.

I ran a 16k today as a test, didn’t push the envelope too hard, just wanted to get the distance in and ended up with a couple of interesting things.

Ran my fastest 1k with a 5m28sec

My fastest 5k with a 30min24secs

My fastest 10k with a time of 1hr4mins

My fastest 16k with a time of 1hr47mins

Best pace of a 5k of 6,09

Most calories burned with 1553

and a bunch of other crap that makes me go holy shit…

I think I might actually be ready to run this race…


My reasons


They tell me I’m ready, and they tell me they are proud…. that’s enough for me!




Geo Caching

Did my first geo-cache trip today, and I gotta say, I liked it!

Not so much my first stop, couldn’t find the cache, was kind of frustrating for me but when I finally found the second one I was looking for, well now, that’s a good feeling.

Another good feeling, I did a 2k uphill sprint to the top of the hill that offers THIS view…






I felt around the same at the end of the run as I did at the end of a walk I did last year on the same trail.

Here are a few more pics, including a pic of my first cache with its guts spilled on ground lol…

912553_10151647162136535_1594097852_n962233_10151647135636535_1261780448_o961821_10151647166706535_999204758_n975216_10151647166666535_350155054_n961957_10151647149221535_1315384383_n912540_10151647149631535_1966286363_nAnd then, as I was walking back DOWN the trail I just ran up… there were these….

912464_10151647158706535_268255422_nFor those of you who DON’T know, those are moose tracks…. very very fresh moose tracks lol…

Going to go hunt again a little later… 😉



GREAT holiday weekend….. BUT…

SNOW!  To the tune of 60+ centimeters… that’s 2 feet for my American readers…

Some spring here in Newfoundland….

Here’s a couple of pictures for you who doubt my truthfulness!

I didn’t take these, but they were the best I could find on Facebook lol…

























































Just madness…. pure madness…

I ate like a pig as well, luckily, I did still get over 25k of walking/running in and am happy to report that I weighed just a 1/2 pound more on my return than I did on my departure…

That’ll be gone soon as well I am sure


That’s all for now folks, spect a longer blog soon!


I know there are a few of these out there now, of me before and after, but every now and then, a picture just kicks me in the ass.

I have been having a hard time with motivation lately. I’ve been eating more than I should, and in the past week, since I have run the 5k, even motivation to get out and walk or run has been elusive.

This picture, this comparison below, gives me the push I need so very bad at this time. Also, I have been noticing more and more before and after pics on the web, facebook, etc.  promoting this product or that, and you know what, if a shake, a wrap, a diet, a machine works for you, then awesome. At the end of the day, it’s about what will worj for YOU.

This transformation though, there were NO gimmicks, not really, no quick fixes, this took TIME and it took DEDICATION and it took SUPPORT from my amazing wife and family and friends. it also helped so very much to have support from complete strangers as well.This didn’t happen overnight, it’s been a long time coming, and I have been struggling with this my whole adult life. It’s not over yet, and it will never be over, every day is a battle between the guy on the right and the guy on the left. So, posting tpics, reading your comments, absorbing that support, it helps and I will use every tool, every edge I can to make this work. I apologize in advance to those of you who might be tired of seeing me post these, just know, that it helps a fat guy stay on track, you guys, if there is a gimmick to my story, it’s you guys and the feedback you give! Thanks so very much


First 5k update..

Done and DONE…. yay…

Not a super fantastic time, but unofficially it was 32.25 minutes.  It was the hottest day of the year here today, and that, coupled with what was an unfamiliar route for me, made me lose a minute or two I am sure…

But what the hell, this FELLA…. this one below…












Just ran a 5k road race!!!

Can I get a whoop whoop??

Think I might get addicted to this thing, really, I think I might!

Here’s a couple of pics from the race….

firt5k3firt5k1firt5k2AND this is something I LOVE…

My very first BIB!!

firstbibFirst bucket list item…. kicked!

Again, can I get a whoop whoop!!