I think this is the time that the prodigal son returns, with his head hung low, begging to be forgiven.

Well, no, not that bad but close.

I have slipped, I have started new blogs, new trackers, new challenges, new everything.  All these new things resulted in one thing and one thing only, a return to the old.

The old habits, the old food, the old laziness, the old excuses.

So, what happened?

Well, winter, the longest, coldest and snowiest in recent memory.

Health, hyper tension and osteoarthritis in right leg, that happened.

Work work and more work, that also happened.

I also think the inevitable let down, or what ever you want to call it, of achieving what I though was an impossible goal, running the Tely10 road race, led to a collapse, or at least a sense of complacency.

The result?

An inability to run a 5 k under 40 minutes.

A gain of about 20lbs.

A sense of failure or backsliding.

Also, clothes not fitting, a general feeling of being a “flash in the pan”.

Hopefully friends that is over now.

In the past week I have dropped 7lbs, got my 5k from 43 BLAH to 37 and feel reinvigorated.

Couple that with the fact that the Tely10 is just 2 months away and changes are needed.

So I return here, the blog that got me to my biggest challenge.

Why return?  Well, in discussion with my wife, I have always done best when accountable and this blog keeps me that way.  I am confident it will help me again.

So, please, join me once again would you as we right this boat and get back on track?

The countdown clock ticks once again.


Juneathon 10

Had us an amazing fast moving thunder storm here this evening and the 8k run I had after was really friggin’ good…

Time was sucky, about 33 minutes on the 5k, was really wanting to get under 30 again this evening.  The bit of a bad back I had was holding me back a little, of course, the fact that I was running after supper AGAIN was another factor.  I’ll never ever learn…lol…

Was a great picture taking kind of evening though!

And my wife is a big fan of lupins.  Later in the year, the trail I travel will be blanketed with them, but for now, there was but this wee little fella…

Big distance tomorrow, we’ll see how it goes!




Very quick Juneathon post.  I have no internet due to a modem crash.  Had a great 8k run this evening finishing in 47 minutes.  I’ll take that.

It could have been better but I had to run soon after eating due to time constraints and suffered a horrible bout of belching about 3k in.  Meh….

Speaking of eating we had an awesome low sodium apple sausage bbqed for supper.  Along with sauted mushrooms and onions, grilled asparagus and grill sweet potato….. was delicious!!

Thats about it for now… big run coming on Sunday!

56 days and counting

It’s just 56 days till the Tely 10…

I think the blog’s new name has been decided as well, for when I am no longer on the road to the Tely 10.  Not telling you though…




Juneathon is going to be a big help in motivating me as well.  There’s much to be said about accountability to your friends, and I find even more to be said about accountability to strangers… funny thing that…

I actually went for a very nice 5-6k stroll this evening that I likely wouldn’t have gone on if it weren’t for the Juneathon challenge. The part about moving every day.  You see, I was up this morning at the AWFUL hour of 4:45am and was at work, driving a forklift, at 5:30am.  I drove, lifted, walked, ran, swept, piled, stacked and stocked for over 9 hours without much of a break at all.  I was, frankly, pretty effing wiped by the time I got home.  I got up after supper though and took the walk…. glad I did…. look at this view…

Beauty night!

And also, speaking of supper….

Fresh corn, grilled sweet potato, asparagus and a 4-5 oz serving of sirloin…

Supper goodness….

That’s about it for now, up again at 4:45 tomorrow…. shoot me…

Shoot me now….

Sportchek making it right

Don’t have a lot of time right now, not long home from work, still feeling fluish, and need to get up in the morning.  I just wanted to drop in long enough to say I visited the Sportchek in Gander today and they did more than alright by me.  I didn’t fleece them, not did I expect what they offered, so all parties went home happy.

I got my second pair on the BOGO…. here’s what I got…

Asics gt1000…. feels like a very nice shoe…  I’ll try them on a run tomorrow and report back.

Also….  man…. getting runner calf!!

5k gastric blow out

So tonight I decided to run a 5k… Full 5k, no walks, see if I could do it and in what kind of time… First 2.5 k were peachy, chugging right along…. well… here.  Look at this log and see what happened…. splitsAs you can see, at about the 4-4k mark the wheels came off.  So what happened?  Supper happened. I was late getting home from work and because of that I was late eating.  The wife had a lovely meal of lean ground pork, mixed fresh veg and brown rice concocted and I love it when the make’s this, we call it a muck up, or a mess lol, either way, it’s good.  Better, its a GOOD meal. I had my normal serving, not overboard or anything, but I opted to run at my usual time, which, in retrospect, was a mistake.  At about the aforementioned 2.5 k mark I started to feel rumbles, at 3k it was belching and cramping and just a whole bunch of gastric nastiness that had me slowed to a walk and debating calling my better half to come rescue me.  I continued, to see what would happened, and just after Runkeeper told me I had hit 4k my stomach loosened, a huge belch later and I was off to the races and finished the 5k fairly strong. I ended up with a time of 36.4 for the 5k,,,,,  woulda been close to 30ish if not for the muck up mucking me up.

4 months left before the 10 mile race folks and I am SHITTING mself

On the weight loss front, I am now 215 lbs, that’s just shy of 70 since June, but it’s 115lbs down from my top weight…

Funny thing, as I become more interested in the running, the weight is just a side effect of running, when I started, the running was secondary to the weight loss…

I guess that’s a good thing!


Superbowl that is….

Celebrated the day with an 11k hike this morning…

Followed it up with an AWESOME pulled pork type meal, slow roasted lean pork lion, like, 7 hours of slow cooking, with a homemade brown sugar BBQ sauce, all sauted after with an apple and carrot mix, all served with oven roasted sweet potato fries drizzled with olive oil and Parmesan cheese…


Oh HELLS yes….

That’s it now though, my Super bowl eating is complete!

Getting a little frustrated…. with the running.  Not having the endurance I would have liked by this point.  Just going to keep at it…

Have a plan for some cross training when the snow goes as well….

That’s about it for today, have a great Sunday all!