A short one

Long day, first back to work in over a week. I promised I would blog daily and blog I shall.

I am pleased to say my kid, G, has become my motivator. He’s an amazing kid with his own struggles but he has become my walking buddy, my talking buddy. I got home from work after a 12 hour shift, had supper and frankly didn’t want to go anywhere but bed. G asked me if he could go walking with me cause he loved it, how could I say no?

It was a short walk, a short talk, but I got out there and we enjoyed each other’s company. In the end, isn’t that what life is about, being around, healthy and able to enjoy our time?

It’s getting better.



I think this is the time that the prodigal son returns, with his head hung low, begging to be forgiven.

Well, no, not that bad but close.

I have slipped, I have started new blogs, new trackers, new challenges, new everything.  All these new things resulted in one thing and one thing only, a return to the old.

The old habits, the old food, the old laziness, the old excuses.

So, what happened?

Well, winter, the longest, coldest and snowiest in recent memory.

Health, hyper tension and osteoarthritis in right leg, that happened.

Work work and more work, that also happened.

I also think the inevitable let down, or what ever you want to call it, of achieving what I though was an impossible goal, running the Tely10 road race, led to a collapse, or at least a sense of complacency.

The result?

An inability to run a 5 k under 40 minutes.

A gain of about 20lbs.

A sense of failure or backsliding.

Also, clothes not fitting, a general feeling of being a “flash in the pan”.

Hopefully friends that is over now.

In the past week I have dropped 7lbs, got my 5k from 43 BLAH to 37 and feel reinvigorated.

Couple that with the fact that the Tely10 is just 2 months away and changes are needed.

So I return here, the blog that got me to my biggest challenge.

Why return?  Well, in discussion with my wife, I have always done best when accountable and this blog keeps me that way.  I am confident it will help me again.

So, please, join me once again would you as we right this boat and get back on track?

The countdown clock ticks once again.

Juneathon and something else

So today was a distance day for the Juneathon, plus my Tely training.

Did a pretty easy 5k, under 35 minutes, easy pace and followed that up with a nice 9k consisting of fast walks and some 1/2k sprints.

Weather was amazing, warm and a nice breeze to keep the flies at bay.

It’s amazing to me that I do 14k now and it’s not even enough to wear me down.  I did that, came home, mowed the lawn, got my bike all oiled and the tired pumped in anticipation of a possible ride later this evening.


Oh, some other pretty good news.

I today weigh 204.5 lbs, just 4.5lbs to go to red me of that pesky 2 and the first digit in my 3 digit weight.  That’s nice too…

That’s about it, all is well, things are progressing and I’m satisfied with the progress…

What more is there?

GREAT holiday weekend….. BUT…

SNOW!  To the tune of 60+ centimeters… that’s 2 feet for my American readers…

Some spring here in Newfoundland….

Here’s a couple of pictures for you who doubt my truthfulness!

I didn’t take these, but they were the best I could find on Facebook lol…

























































Just madness…. pure madness…

I ate like a pig as well, luckily, I did still get over 25k of walking/running in and am happy to report that I weighed just a 1/2 pound more on my return than I did on my departure…

That’ll be gone soon as well I am sure


That’s all for now folks, spect a longer blog soon!


I know there are a few of these out there now, of me before and after, but every now and then, a picture just kicks me in the ass.

I have been having a hard time with motivation lately. I’ve been eating more than I should, and in the past week, since I have run the 5k, even motivation to get out and walk or run has been elusive.

This picture, this comparison below, gives me the push I need so very bad at this time. Also, I have been noticing more and more before and after pics on the web, facebook, etc.  promoting this product or that, and you know what, if a shake, a wrap, a diet, a machine works for you, then awesome. At the end of the day, it’s about what will worj for YOU.

This transformation though, there were NO gimmicks, not really, no quick fixes, this took TIME and it took DEDICATION and it took SUPPORT from my amazing wife and family and friends. it also helped so very much to have support from complete strangers as well.This didn’t happen overnight, it’s been a long time coming, and I have been struggling with this my whole adult life. It’s not over yet, and it will never be over, every day is a battle between the guy on the right and the guy on the left. So, posting tpics, reading your comments, absorbing that support, it helps and I will use every tool, every edge I can to make this work. I apologize in advance to those of you who might be tired of seeing me post these, just know, that it helps a fat guy stay on track, you guys, if there is a gimmick to my story, it’s you guys and the feedback you give! Thanks so very much


5k imminent

4 days, this Sunday, I will be in my FIRST 5k race.

Now, I’ve run 5k a ton of times, and have done well on one, finishing at about 28min 50sec, most times is about 33 or so, and you know what, if I finish at 33 on Sunday, I will be just fine with that.

You are after all talking about a guy who was too fat to walk a flight of stairs a year ago. 

So why am I so nervous?  Is it normal to be this nervous about something you’ve done before, well, at least the distance?  I think it’s because this is the first time I have done it with PEOPLE, lots of people likely.

I’m sure it will be fine, but it’s a little nerve wracking at the same time…

Can’t be helped….

So, we are closing in on the one year mark for my current thing, I use to say transformation but I keep expecting to here metallic noises coming from my body as it takes a new shape, so thing it is for now.  I’ve come a long way. though I have always yet to go.  I stepped on the scales this morning at just a smidge under 205lbs, at 204.6.  That’s almost 80 lbs since June of last year, and 125lbs from my heaviest…. good numbers, and it feels right this time, it feels, well, permanent.

I know that might be premature, but I have also learned in the journey that optimism will push any cart a lot further than pessimism will.

I have no more runs booked till Sunday, just a couple of walk, the next time I run it will be with a number…

Please, wish me luck!